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Welcome to
Pine Shores 



I am so pleased you found our website! As you look around here, I pray that you will find many clues that you have found a welcoming congregation, with a variety of possible paths towards growth, fellowship, and purpose. This congregation not only exhibits a deep commitment to caring for each other, but they also have a genuine heart for the community in which they live.


I should probably explain what it means for me to be an Interim Pastor. I am following two beloved pastors who had a long tenure here before their retirement. It is “the Presbyterian way” to invite a trained transitional pastor to
serve a church at such a time. The Interim provides stability so there is not a needless rush to find a permanent pastor without first having a deep process of reflection.


In terms of my orientation, I am passionate about leading a church with a commitment to welcoming all God’s children into the life of faith; particularly people who have been hurt or frustrated by the exclusionary tendencies of some church communities. We welcome all persons into the life and leadership of our church regardless of their race, age or sexual orientation. While I choose to walk in the Way of Jesus, I invite you to join us on this path whether you are a lifelong
Christian, or a person confused by all this God talk. You and your questions are welcome here!


Together we gather to worship God, share fellowship, and challenge each other to grow in our experiences of faith. Won’t you join us?

Rev. Bill Sitterley
Transitional Pastor

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