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Joy & Journey


Adult Education and Discipleship

At the root of the word disciple is the notion of learner. Ours is a faith that prompts questions, sets inquiry in motion, and calls us to examine our assumptions about God, ourselves, and the world. We value education because it leads us to learn about the world and how it functions.  We value education because it shows us our God-given talents in order to fulfill the vocation to which we have been called. Education transforms; it changes us.

  • Sunday School: we offer Adult Education most Sundays following the worship service.

  • There are other opportunities to gather for book studies, Bible studies, meditation, and faith exploration at various times throughout the week.

Pine Shores welcomes you to join us in your journey of faith. To learn specific dates and times for our educational opportunities please call the office (941)922-1597.

Pastoral Care at Pine Shores

Our pastor and the pastoral care team will visit those in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, and those who are homebound.

The Monarchs and Butterflies are groups of caring men and women of the church who are paired with members who no longer can be an active part of the church family. They visit them on a weekly and/or monthly basis and during special occasions, holidays, and birthdays.

We are partners with Samaritan Counseling Service of the Gulf Coast which offers professional counseling services on our campus. Learn more at

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